James Findlay Manuscript
This manuscript begun at Penpont, Scotland on the 11th of November 1841, was found in a sea chest near Corryong, North-East Victoria in 2000 by Ada Findlay (Grand-Daughter), passed to Jill Findlay (Great Grand-Daughter) and then digitised by Graham H Dodsworth on 1st of June 2002.
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The Whistle
Sir John Moore
Beauty in Tears
The Anchors Weighed
My Native Highland Home
Wandering Willie
Is Your War Pipes Working
The Breeze Blow Fresh
We'll Meet Yet Again
To The Gale
Land of Gallant Hearts
I have Loved Thee Only
Arm Arm for the Battle
Shamrock so Green
The Lady of Richmond Hill
Away to the Mountain Brow
Slow March in Alice Gray
Sweet Jessie the Flower of Dumblane
The Downfall of Paris
Bonny Dundes
Holden's March
Smile Again My Bonnie Lassie
Parry's March
Slow March
Kilkenny Slow March
The Death of Nelson
Roary O More
Clyde Waltz
A Melody
York Minster Winter Assemblies
The Flowers of the Forest
Roslin Castle
The Blue Bells of Scotland
Banks of Doon
Judy OFlanigan
The Banks of Allen
The Marquis of Sweedale's Favourite Strathspey
Highland Harry
The Ducks Sang o'er My Daddie
The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell
The Lament of Wallace
The Miller of Drone
The Marquis of Huntley's Highland Fling
The Countess of Sutherland's Strathpey
The Hay Makers
Lady Downs' Strathspey
Miss Anne Amelia Stewart's Strathspey
The Cameronian Rant (a reel)

Miss Welsh
(a reel)

Athole House
(a reel)
Mrs Lumsden's Strathspey
The Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey
Lord Kelley's Strathspey
Lady Charlotte Campbell
(a strathspey)
Lady Charlotte Campbells Melody

(with variations)

Lea Riggs
(with variations)
The Fairy March
Captain Duffs Strathspey
The East Neuk
Of Fife
(with variations)
Bonaparte's Grand March When Crossing the Alps
The Duke of York's march
The Green Hills of Tyrrol (a Waltz)
The Battle of Prague
(a slow march)
The Duke of York's Troop
(a slow march)
The Girl of My Heart
Go, My Darling Boy
Benedetta Sia La Madre
Now The Night Her Mantle Closes
Loch Eroch Side
Rondo, in Fra Diavolo
Lovely Nan
The FRiar of Orders Grey
The King And The Clown
From Distant Climes
Oscar's Ghost
Sigh Not
Hunting The Hare
Andante (Haydn)
The Exile of Cambria
Nora Creina
Broken Gold
The Beauty of the Mind
The Wreath
My Heart Is Sair
Daisy Daisy
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